Sunday School

Sunday School

What Sunday School Looks Like

A day in Sunday School begins with the children talking about how their school week was and what they have coming up in the new week.

Next, we begin by finding the scripture passage for the day in our Bibles. The passage we discuss often correlates with the passage discussed that day in worship. This helps to promote church discussion as a family at home. This will also help the kids integrate into church life when they graduate from Sunday School.

The scripture passage is read by the teacher or a class volunteer. Once the passage is read, we begin discussing:

  • Who are the characters?
  • What is happening?
  • Where is it taking place?
  • When on our biblical timeline is this story?
  • Why is this story important to us?

By doing this, we help the students understand what is going on and why we are reading this story.

We then move on to a worksheet or coloring page for the story we read. These often include crosswords, word finds, scripture-fill-in-the-blanks, etc. The children take the worksheets home after each class. This helps boost their religious self-confidence, as they can now present them to their parents and tell them what they have learned.

We conclude each class by writing a memory verse from the scripture passage we learned about. We like memory verses because they are a good way for a child to bring their faith with them into the world. Memory verses enable children to maintain their faith without needing a Bible in front of them.

We then close class with a prayer.

The ages in our one-room Sunday school range from eight to twelve. This creates a family-feeling where the children learn to interact with different age groups. We always make room for new children of any age. Our curriculum is written in a way that so every child, regardless of age, is tended to and given the help they need to understand the story at their level.

Finally, we give every child a notebook to write their notes in for the story we are reading. The notebooks are left in class. We use them to help students remember what we discussed the previous week. This way, they can easier draw connections across weeks of classes. These books will be sent home with each student when they graduate to the confirmation class.

Sunday School at Home

With the pandemic still so prominent, we also try to have some items of Sunday School accessible at home.

Whenever our Sunday School and Nursery must close on any given Sunday for pandemic-related reasons, Miss Mandi will send out an email informing all parents as early as possible.

When possible, worksheets or writing/ drawing prompts will be attached for parents to print and do at home with the children. This helps to keep kids on a routine while still having a faith-based Sunday.

Our Goal

The goal of our Sunday School is to build the foundation of the children’s faith while keeping the experience light and fun. By doing this, we encourage the children to want to learn more and come to church.

Miss Mandi and the Sunday School team welcome anyone who wants to come to learn more!