Confirmation Class

Our Confirmation Class has approximately 30 weekly sessions and
is typically taught on Sunday mornings from 9:00 AM to 9:45 PM
before worship. It is taught by Pastor Hartmut and on occasion by
Elder Mark Ruckdeschel. The lesson plan is so long because we
use the class to make up for the fact that public schools cannot
teach Religious Instruction. We feel that Religious Instruction is
as important as English, Math, or Chemistry. As you would expect
from a high school curriculum, our confirmation curriculum covers
an array of different subjects. They include Christian Ethics,
Church History, and the Institution of the Church. However, our
curriculum does not exhaust itself with data and knowledge. Our
students are also exploring how their faith matters today and how
they can nurture a faithful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The class typically starts in September after Labor Day and ends
with Confirmation Sunday on Pentecost. For further questions,
please call Pastor Hartmut at 732.251.9277