What Nursery School Looks Like

Nursery School is a fun experience with faith intertwined. Although a set schedule like that of Sunday School is impractical for children of this age group, we try to still integrate religion into their time in Nursery. This includes faith-based books and toys for them to play with.

The Nursery room includes many toys and books for baby through 5 years old, so all ages are welcome.

By bringing your children to Nursery you are introducing them to the idea of Sunday School and getting them familiar with the faces of the other kids and the teachers they will spend time with.

Nursery can sometimes be hard for babies not used to leaving their families, this is normal. Our Nursery teachers have experience with children and will do everything they can to make the baby comfortable and happy in Nursery while their families attend worship. For this reason, it may be easiest for families to bring toys, stuffed animals, or comfort items for their baby to have with them.

Depending on the age and interest of the child, coloring pages or crafts may be available to them. These will often correlate with what the Sunday School aged kids are doing to promote church based family discussions at home. This will also help boost their self confidence and make a positive correlation to Nursery as they will be proud to show off their work.

Our Goal

The goal of Nursery is to build the foundation for the children’s Sunday School experience and to be a place of comfort and warmth for young ones. By doing this, we encourage children to want to learn more and to have fun in church.

We welcome families to come learn more!